Northern Well, established in 2009,  innovative gear for the equestrian and leisure markets.

Innovations by Northern Well
Eureka is solving a problem

The business idea is to develop and market specially designed and innovative products, that hang and support in a smooth and flexible way, without any extra tools or other attachments.

To hang and anchor wherever you are

Ulrika Nordenstam is an equestrian and innovator from Sweden who has solved some every day problems with where to hang saddles and other equipment.

It all started some years ago when Ulrika had to bring her saddle along to different clinics and to friends stables. Often the saddle had to be carried quite a distance from the trailer parking and at the premises there was often nowhere to hang the saddle.

”I didn’t want to put my saddle on the ground or in the boot of the car where it could easily be scratched and deformed. I also discovered that a lot of people had the same problem at shows and competitions.”

To solve the problem she wanted to make a multifunctional solution. It should be easy to bring along, flexible hanging of the saddle and also protecting the saddle. A one hand solution when hanging and a hands free solution when carrying. A mission impossible?

”Equestrians carry alot of gear anyway so I wanted this saddlehanger to be something that didn’t add any extra weight, required any extra tools or made any damage to the handler nor the horse. At the same time I wished to design something neat so that it would look stylish. ”

Ulrika’s solution, called ”HITCH 3 in 1”, is a portable saddlehanger, saddlecarrier and saddlecover all in one. It hangs the horsesaddle in the car, on a boxbar or around a fence by the lightweight especially designed clickable carabiner hooks with a wide gate and diameter. The only carabiner on the market that reaches around boxbars. The idea is that the saddlehanger will always be with the saddle ready to be of use.

”All our products are patented as they are unique, Ulrika Nordenstam mentions. It takes alot of time, effort and money to go from an idea to actually produce an innovative product.

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